10 day juice fast weight loss: Recipes, Results, Plan & Precautions

You would probably be thinking of that,” what is a juice fast?”

 And if you know, then you would probably be of thinking that “how to do it in the right way to lose 12 pounds in the juice fast?”

Don’t worry about either of the cases. Here is all the explanation.

10 day juice fast weight loss is a new trend. It delivers the results very fast. If you want to lose weight quickly, then you should try this.  Juice soon is a process in which you will not eat solid foods for the entire duration of it. In this process, you are required to drink only green juices and water.  The reason for this fast is to relax your stomach, burn some fat, and lose weight.  Because in America and Europe, there is a lot of processed food. By juice fast, you keep your stomach free from this processed food.   The ordinary people take sauce quickly for only 10 days, but some people do it even for 30 days as well.  According to research, one can lose 10 pounds of fats or more within the first 7 days of the juice fast.  As is any prescribed medication should be taken.


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10 day juice fast plan:

10 day juice fast weight loss
This infographic contains the best-proven steps to carry out before every juice fast. These steps are constructive for those who want to keep the juice quickly.

10-day juice fast weight loss Steps:

1. Talk to your physician:

Before starting your juice fast,  you should talk with your physician.  Take his advice as you will not eating solid food. That’s why he could prescribe you a supplement or advise you to take a specific vitamin while you are fasting.

2. Get the best quality juicer:

Acquire the best quality juicer machine.  You should consider three things before buying a juicer machine. One how much easy it is to clean the machine or how much time it takes in cleaning it.  Second, do its quality is of the standard to use it daily and several times a day. Third, is the price is affordable for you?

3. Get fresh veggies and fruits:

Go to the grocery store and by fresh vegetables and fruits.  Before making the juice of it, make sure that fruits and vegetables are fresh.   Fruits like apple, Pears, Bananas, and berries are very high in nutrients and vitamins and are easy to juice.   And herbs like asparagus, Kale, and spinach also essential for the sauce fast.

4. Some highly beneficial vegetables for weight loss:

Few vegetables are highly beneficial for weight loss like ginger, lemon, and turmeric.  These are very beneficial for weight loss, but using them alone can taste not great.  So you should add some part of it to the fruit juice to take its benefits and also to enjoy its taste.

5. Always drink fresh juice:

Whenever you want to drink the juice or feel a need for it.  Try to make the juice at that time. Avoid the storing of juice for the next intake because this will affect the benefits of all the nutrients in it.

6. Keeps your body hydrated with water:

You will have to drink at least 9 glasses of water daily alongside with juice. Because it is essential to keep your body hydrated with mineral water.

7. The advice for after the juice fast is over:

While you are juice fasting. Your stomach was adjusted with juice and almost with the liquid form of food. So when you are, the juice fast is over.  You should not start eating solid foods right away.  Because it will have adverse effects on your stomach. You should focus on fruits and vegetables in the first two days.  After that, you can gradually approach to solid food like meat,  dry fruits, and Indian bread. If you want to eat the top 32 foods(veggies and fruits) that burn belly fat after the fast, then You can read 32 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast.

Things you required for the juice fast:

  • The best quality of juicer, which could last longer even if it is used several times a day. The best I have used is (Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Juicer).
  • The fresh fruits are free from preservative chemicals and are cultivated recently. The cultivation is not necessary, but it is helpful.
  • The fresh veggies are free from preservative chemicals and are cultivated newly.

 10 day juice, fast weight loss Precautions:

Juice fasting is only for the short term.  It is not the process that could be carried out one after another continuously.  A balanced diet is essential for the body. Especially human beings’ stomachs are not designed for a similar diet. You should keep a variation in your diet. It is necessary, not optional.

As the founder of Apple company was a fruitarian.  By eating only fruits, his pancreas was affected by cancer. Later by his death was caused by this cancer. So no one should focus on one thing or type of food ever in his life.

Juices that are sold in the supermarket are not fresh, and their quality is not to consume it during juice fasting. The bottled and canned juices are full of sodium and sugar and due to preservatives and synthetic sweetness. Their nutrients level is shallow.  The freshly made sauce at home is the healthiest of all. Avoid storing juices because, due to the oxidation process, all the nutrients will break in the juice. To Prevent oxidation and to preserve the freshness of the juice. You must remove all the air from the bottle in which you want to store the juice, and then you can store it. But again, don’t focus on saving; whenever you need the juice to try to make it at that time. Fiber is very required for our body to eliminate constipation and keep us full for a longer time. The existence of tissue in juices is near to impossible. The only carrot juice can be expected for fibers. That’s why if you don’t want to consume raw and fresh fruits and their yogurt during the juice fast. Then you should probably focus on the carrot juice a lot during your juice fasting.

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10 day juice fast weight loss recipes:

Nowadays a lot of people are juicing for weight loss. And discuss the result of this juicing for weight loss with their community online or offline. Sometimes this discussion leads to a piece of valuable information or some time to confusion.

For the purpose not to confuse you, we have gathered some of the best recipes of juices for weight loss. These recipes are designed for quick results and to give you all the essential nutrients to your body during the juice fast.

We know that losing weight needs a lot of determination and willingness to drop pounds. But only desire and commitment will not help you out in weight loss. You need a better plan and a way that can deliver the best results and could Burn your fats in real-time. The best way of all is juicing fast for weight loss.

Nature had provided us with a lot of best fruits and veggies that are pack with nutrients, vitamins,  minerals, and much more.  We just have to juice these veggies and fruits in different combinations for our desired results. We’ll talk about this in this section.

Below is the list of 5 best our selected juice recipes for weight loss:

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1. The fabulous green juice

10 day juice fast weight loss recipes

Ingredients Of Fabulous Green Juice are:

  • Two Medium sizes of apples
  • Four large stalks of celery
  • One Fresh cucumber
  • A little bit of  Ginger root
  • Six leaves of Kale
  •  One and a half of lemon


By adding lemon to any juice increase its capability of helping in weight loss.

The Kale is another good vegetable that can give a bundle of nutrients to your body in a single drink. Kale is having a very-low-calorie level among all the vegetables; that’s why it is very beneficial for weight loss.

The celery is full of sodium. Sodium is beneficial for your skin to make it younger looking. It also contains minerals, and Vitamin C. Vitamin C maintains the elasticity of your skin.

The copper in Apple is beneficial to brighten and tone your skin.

2. The beet and strawberry juice:

beetroot juice recipe

Ingredients of beet and strawberry juice:

  • Two medium sizes of apples
  • Beetroots only of one beet
  • 6 medium sizes of carrots
  • One stalk of medium size of celery
  • One and a half cucumber
  • One and a half lemon
  • One orange
  • One and a half cup of strawberries.


Strawberries are very rich in Vitamin C. Strawberry tackles the secretion of gastric juices and saliva in your mouth. Because of this, strawberry in this juice improves the digestive health of your stomach. The fiber in strawberries helps to clean the colon and reduces the risk of constipation. It is also the best detoxifier for your body.

Oranges can tackle the digestive juices and helps to improve the digestive system.

The beets are full of cellulose. Cellulose cleanses the liver.

3. The beet and carrot juice

beet juice benefits

Ingredients of beet and carrot juice:

  • Beetroots of only one beat
  •  Medium size of carrots
  •  Two fresh oranges


Beets have the power of cleaning the colon, strengthing the gallbladder, and cleanse the blood and liver. The iron in the beets repairs red blood cells and provides fresh oxygen to your body. Beets cleanse the liver so that it could accelerate metabolism.

Carrots are the best cleaner of the liver and help it to Secret more bile.  Carrots are very beneficial for the immune system. Carrots help in the production of white blood cells. White blood cells fight against various kinds of infections and viruses.

The lemonade compound found in oranges is very beneficial to kill some of the dangerous kinds of cancers like mouth cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

4. A cucumber and tomato juice

cucumber tomato juice benefits

Ingredients of cucumber and tomato juice:

  •  One cucumber
  •  Two tomatoes
  •  One and a half lemon
  •  A little bit of salt 


The lycopene found in tomato,  improve the ability of the skin to protect itself from UV rays. The vitamin A and C present in tomato juice is beneficial for anti-aging and brightens up the skin. The recipe for this juice is very effective for fat burning and increases the fiber in your body.

Cucumber keeps your body hydrated, and it’s deficient in calories. Cucumber also helps in weight loss and remineralizes your body.

5. Carrot juice

carrot juice benefits

Ingredients of Carrot Juice:

The only ingredient of this juice is carrots. But if you want to add any other fruits for sweetness, then it will make it even more beneficial.


The only benefit for which we added this juice is that it is very rich in fiber. Usually, when we grind fruits all together in a juicer.  The juicer breaks the Pulp of the fruit. The Pulp has fiber.  In this way, we only have drunk sugary water.  As the juice is in liquid form, that’s why our body observes this sugar very fast.  So when you add a carrot juice to your juice fast. You increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Hence in this way, you protect your body from a lot of sugar absorption.

You can read more benefits of carrots from here Dr.Axe

10 day juice, fast weight loss results:

10 day juice fast weight loss results

As I have told you before in this article that juice fast requires your determination.  At the beginning of your juice fast, you will feel hunger a lot and very much.  At this point, it is challenging to put yourself back on the track to complete the fast.

Time to time, your stomach will want some solid food as you were regularly eating before the juice fast. But be sure that your juices are ready to take. Whenever you feel hungry, you should drink fresh juice.  And always fight with your mind that I should not eat solid food.

At this point, I will highly recommend Organifi with complete protein.  Because this protein Shake is designed to help in weight loss and to keep you full for a longer time.

Whenever you feel hungry, drink the juice. This is the only solution to keep yourself full.

At the first three to four days of your juice fast.  It will be tough for you to fight your hunger. Sometimes you will feel that your body is frail, and You have no energy. At this stage, you will feel headaches as well, and you will be fed up from this fast. You will want to quit and start eating your favorite burgers and pizzas. But you should never do that and should focus on your fast.

According to experts and doctors, the human body is designed for eating and not for the eating period.  Now you are confused.  Am I right?

As before fast, your eating solid foods. That’s why your stomach was used to it. And your stomach was in the eating period.  But during the first 3 to 4 days of your juice fast. Your body will demand solid foods again.  But when you refuse to eat solid food for a few days. Your body will understand that it’s not getting solid food. And it will start to consume the stored energy to continue its eating period. And that stored energy is fat, my friend.

You should keep this eating and not be eating period of things in your mind. Because after 3 to 4 days, it will be much easier for you to keep the fast and to fight with your hunger.

But on day 5 everything will change. You will feel a lot of energy during your cleans time.

The emotions and mood of you will drastically change.  You will be delighted and full of joy.

Your skin will start improving, and actually, every part of your body will start flourishing. At this time, you will start losing all the excess fat and will start returning to its real shape.

It is proven that your all six senses will improve automatically.  You will start to hear a lot better. Your eyesight will improve. You will start smelling good. In fact, in every aspect, your body will start improving.

Now at this stage, you will be used to hunger. And you will want to continue this fast.

At the end of your fast, you will lose 10 to 12 pounds of fat.

To kick-starting losing your weight.  The juice fast is the best option of all. But don’t afraid it is straightforward. You can easily accomplish the 10 day juice fast. Nowadays, everyone is doing this. It is not difficult. It only requires strong determination.

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The 10 day juice fast is the best process for losing weight very quickly. It can be carried out within 10 days or 15 and 30 days, whichever better suits you. The following are the conclusions you should read.

  • You will observe serious changes in your body.
  • Your body will drastically lose extra weight.
  • You will get a lean muscle.
  • After the fast, you will realize that your mind is cleansed.
  • Your senses will work better than before.
  • You will be able to focus better on your work than before.
  • You will feel fresh and healthy.
  • During the process, you will lose a lot of fat, but you will lose a little bit of muscle as well.
  • After realizing that you had lost muscle. You should not worry after the fast you can quickly recover.
  • Your stomach will be used to the juices.
  • You should follow our juice recipes to get the maximum amount of nutrients and to feed your body with the right amount of nutrients.
  • In the juice fast. Your body will lack fiber, but you should drink carrot juice on a regular bases to fulfill the fiber needs of your body.
  • You should fulfill the 7 steps of ours before actually starting the fast.
  • The precautions are essential to think of and to fulfill it.
  • The results are expected to accomplish by following this article.
  • In the first 3 days, you will want to quit, and you will feel a lot of hunger. But you should focus on your goal and should continue the fast. At this point, I highly recommend the Organifi complete protein shake. Because it will keep you full for the longest time and will help in weight loss.
  • After the 3 days, you will use it, and you will feel no hunger anymore.
  • Don’t worry for the first 3 days if you feel hunger. It doesn’t matter that your body is not getting enough nutrients. The recipes we had provided you will give your body all the nutrients your body needs. So, don’t worry about the hunger and fear that your body is not getting all the nutrients. It is not true. The juices are having all the nutrients.
  • The 10 day juice fast is not only helpful for weight loss, but it cleanses your body and mind. It makes your skin healthier than before.
  • Again, the carrot juice is essential, and the beet is always incredible.
  • You can start your day with just one lemon in the glass full of water. This water and lemon drink will help in eliminating free radicals, and it is very, very beneficial for weight loss. It burns fats.

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